Andy Shaw is a UK based contemporary artist producing drawings, paintings and sculpture. Andy’s work is in the collections of David Bowie, Marco Pierre White, Donna Karan and Sir Henry Rothschild. Exhibitions include the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Museum of Arts & Design, New York, Gramercy Park Hotel, New York.


In 1988 Andy Shaw gained a First Class BA Hons in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and painting and sculpture at Alfred University, New York. U.S.A.


Andy has worked with Marco Pierre White on a series of paintings and ceramics for his restaurants. Both Andy and Marco worked upstairs in Quo Vardis, Soho, London, in a make shift studio. Andy made the paintings with Marco applying butterflies to the wet paint. Around 40 butterfly paintings from the collaboration were then displayed in Marco’s ‘Titanic’ bar and restaurant in London. Andy’s paintings were also exhibited along side Andy Warhol’s silkscreen paintings in Quo Vardis.


‘Art to me is about freedom. The freedom to explore, to discover and to create. Art can be like a sport . Challenge yourself ‘.


From 1994 to 1997 Andy worked as an artist in the East End of London, Shoreditch and had two successful solo exhibitions. David Bowie purchased the ‘Brain Sculpture, Cerebrate’ from Andy’s London show in 1995. A motorized spinning plastic brain submerged under a vortex of water inside a protective biosphere. The plastic brain itself centered on a 6ft tall polished steel cabinet. David Bowie’s personal hair dresser Josh Wood also bought two of Andy’s paintings.


One of Andy’s large 6ft square paintings, ‘Catherine Forever More’ 1996 was featured in the 100th anniversary episode of ‘Grand Designs’ on Channel 4 and is also featured in an episode of ‘Extreme Homes’ and ‘Bounty Hunters’.


Andy’s work is regularly featured in the Saatchi Art Catalogue printed and sent out to collectors world wide.


Brand Magazine, Hong Kong (2019 issue 44) featured a 10 page article on Andy’s dog paintings and drawings.